Our Vision


we recognize a need to use our untapped mind potential for applying positive changes in our lifes


we believe contributing at least 10 ideas a day on a specific subject can make you a powerful problem solver in one year


to build and maintain a platform for helping creative community to improve personal mental potential

Platform Features

  • Ideas Management

    write, read, reorder, categorize, tag, tame and manage ideas

  • Personal Ideas Diary

    use a tool to write your daily ideas, become an Idea Machine

  • Ideas Streams

    subscribe to popular ideas streams

  • Ideas Groups

    join and participate in collaborative ideas sharing

  • Ideas Crowd-Sourcing

    ask community for solutions of your most challenging problems

  • Team Brainstorming

    make team alliances to come up with best solutions

what's in it for me

Why Joining?

Why to choose us
  • inspiration, encouragement and self-improvement
  • fresh stream of new great ideas
  • awesome tool to manage your ideas
  • new connections with smart creative people
  • own channel for teaching, coaching and influencing


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